About Us

A Few Words About Us

We Voluntary Help for Almost 0 Years

Coders Care is a team of software engineers who believe to be a part of transformation from all around the world. We believe in code for life. Thats why we have created coders care through this we can contribute to the nation wide natural, educational and health related activities.

We want to be part for the happy and healthy life nation. All this will not be possible if the health, knowledge, natural and other resources will not be in good shape. Let's bring a change by having a small step with us.

Help & Support

Let's take a step forward for those, Who don't have any hope.


Let's save a nature and make our earth better planet to live.


A help & support can also be contributed by volunteering time and talent.


Bringing a education as a strongest peer can enormously change the nation.


Our mission is to give hope for those who lost all hopes. We want to help those people's pillar strong so that they can bring happiness for their and all around them. In this way a strong nation can be made.


Our vission is to make people aware and provide approriate support for educational, health and natural things.

Success Stories